Summer is here >:D

So THIS IS,IS IT.IS IT. The long wait was over.Summer is here. Students like me are so happy. We’re free from homework,quizzes,surprise tests,exams and projects. :)) Yipee !


Anyways,these past few days I encountered some obstacles xD.

~First,we went to Ozamis and bought a new pair of shoes and clothes for my lil’bro. We decided to have our family day,as well. So I suggested to watch a movie and I really choose Must be Love. And guess what? asdfghjkl. Short of time because we need to commute so they decided to watch it some other time. When we went to Robinsons,which is near the cinemas,I wasso mad at my parents because they are such a kill joy. They’re killing my happiness you know? -_-“

~Next,when we went home after that so called “shopping” I asked my parents if who will be the one who’ll attend my recognition a day after that time. So Le Mother told me that it will be my father. And my father don’t want to spend the following day with me because he has a work. Soooooooo,they decided to let my cousin attend the recognition. Never blame me if I will tell you that I CRIED. I had the right to. My emotions was mixed that time. I felt that they never loved me. I thought they were never proud of me or just mad at me or something because my rank got decreased. :((

So night time,(THANKS GOD,ITS B’out THAT TIME) I agreed with them. That it will be my cousin who’s going. When I was heading to my bedroom,I felt so lonely. And when I laid down at my bed,my tears just fell. I cried secretly because my father and brother are already at the bed next to my room. And then my mother called me to help her. So,I went up.

I’m very blessed cause I have a bangs that would cover my red eyes that time. But I guess my Mom is so sensitive that she had noticed it. She really convinced my father to attend. 🙂

The next thing I knew,I was standing at the stage with my father holding the medal I deserved to have. Im just happy. Padlock-throw the keys-SMILE 😀



 When I was crying that time,I texted all my friends and was happy with their replies. Prenbes Khet told me that it will be the Esesjeh who will give me my award. And CB (as you know,the guy in my blog) texted me and told me that if I would say YES

 That’s all.

Lovey dovey,



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