Friend'sBlog · regrets

I regret what I did >.<

I don’t want to lose another friend. If saying “sorry” to her means losing my pride,I’ll do.

She’s been there. She’s always at my side. When I’m sad,I’m pissed,I need someone to talk to.~ She gave me advices,she comforts me,she knows when I’m pretending that I’m not okay. She means a lot. I just can’t accept the mere fact that we won’t be friends again because of a TAGLINE. Yes,I said something that might hurt her. Well,definitely had hurt her and caused her such pain. I knew she felt so alone right now. Well,I never visited her blog. I just cant.

When I told her that the White witch (of course,the girl we both hated.*name changed) is better than her. Of course not. She’s better that the witch. I just said it because I don’t know. (shrugs shoulders) Maybe I’m halfway mad. I’m defending myself against her. FUDGEEEE. What did I do? I solemnly swear to say SORRY to the girl who I threw hurtful words at. I will accept if she will not forgive me but atleast I tried asking for forgiveness. After all,she was one of my true friends.


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