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Just another awesome and tiring day :)

March 28. Well,another special day for someone special. My Grandma’s birthday and she’s turning 76 now. So,we celebrated it. We bought cakes and prepared a small dinner for the family. Gaaaah -.- it was lik a reunion and I was in the hot seat. My aunts and uncles including my cousins were always asking me if I do have a boyfriend now. And I’m always saying NO cause it’s really the truth. I was about to tell them I have but they won’t believe me because I have many boyfriends from different fiction books and films XD.

So I was saying,they always ask me the same question and gave me some advices. Of course,I would keep that in mind 🙂 ALWAYS.

So let’s change the topic. Do you believe that dreams do come true? Yes,I do believe. But sometimes I hope not. Like? gaaaaa. i had a dream last night and I was the villain. Come to think of it,I stole someone’s boyfriend on my dream and I was so flirt. Like,yuck. sfcvadnf fksldmf -.- I just can’t take it. im not flirt and I knew that dream won’t be true.

It’s getting late. Goodnight 🙂 :*


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