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Good Friday ~the day the DEATH died..


March 29,2013 — Good Friday

Well, Lemme start telling you that I woke up nearly 10 AM got up from bed,took my bath and went to our store since I am oblige to help my mother. And yeah,yeah,yeah. I noticed something worth noticing.

I wonder why people were busy. I wonder why no one walks,strolls around or if anyone did it they just return immediately. Oh crap,I forgot -.- Today is Good Friday.

Good Friday,is somewhat a day which we Filipinos usually celebrates. We cooked something (a food which we replace rice because they said it’s a “PUASA”) So,all our neighbors (the catholic ones of course) cooked those and gave anyone who never bothered cooking it or they cared but they don’t have any money. So,I never took my lunch and just ate that soup-like food. (Mark: it’s not a soup.ok? It’s called BINIGNIT in our native dialect. Blame me. Im not good in English -.-) Maybe around 2 PM,I decided to dress-up and go to church. I never expected that I would go alone since my cousins promised to go with me but when I went at their house they told me they won’t go. Ugh -.- I’m really,really shy when I’m with no one going to those public places. I really think that if I don’t have a company with me,people will judge me. (I have that phobia since I was a kid. It feels that you’re somewhat different you know?) So,I decided to went alone.

At the church,unfortunately,I sat beside this policeman who used to be my mother’s ex-boyfriend -.- (she told me) and I hate because in the middle of the mass he always ask me several questions. Not about my mother of course,but he went asking questions like,”what year are you?”,”what course would you take up?”. And the worst of all,he gave this effin advice which states that he wants me to be a pharmacist rather than accountant since being a pharmacist would really give you a lot of money. Like duhh? -.- I don’t care >:) I want it. I wanna reach my dreams. And I knew since I was a kid that I love accountancy because I’m good in Math (my parents said) and I always play fake moneys when I was young.

So much for that,we had a procession which we would walk from church to those cross stations. So lucky as a butterfly,I saw someone who used to be my classmate and we walked together. We were so noisy and I do think that some church-goers got irritated . PEACE ^^V

To make the long story short,I decided to blog this because I wanna share something.

As I told you,today is the day were Jesus died. Why did he died? Simple. He died because of us.

 What? Because of us? How come? I’m not yet here when he died ! Don’t accuse me.

Why are we so in denial that we commited mistakes? Like,come on ! We always commit mistakes. It’s when our parents told us not to sleep late yet we slept almost 1 AM. It’s when our teachers instructed us not to cheat yet we share answers with our classmate. Simple mistakes. Or worse? We kill. We covet. We lie. We hurt someone. These are all mistakes. So don’t you dare tell me not to accuse you of being the reason why God was crucified. cause it’s true. Because of the sins of man,Jesus died. A sad story. But I hope,we will change. I never said change in a way which we would avoid commiting mistakes but a way which we try to obey the commandments of God. Give,respect each other and LOVE. ❤

At the end of the day when we ever commit mistakes we should learn. When we  receive something we never asked or he gave that because or hearts longs for it,we should pray and say thank you.

That’s all. I don’t have any idea what to write anymore. 🙂

PS. March 29,the day I received an award from WordPress which states that I  received a number of likes. To my fellow bloggers,(the ones I don’t have any idea who they are) thank you. I really appreciate it. Thanks for visiting my site. Iloveyou :**


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