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Pain –A daughter’s blog


Seeing someone you love in pain would make you feel the pain too.

I know that because right now? All I can feel is PAIN. Pain deep down. -.-

I’m in PAIN and no pain reliever would relieve this feeling.

I feel pain when I’m with her doing nothing. I felt guilty though I did nothing.

Pain. That’s what my mother feels right now. She’s in pain because of her illness. I mean,she’s not really ill but she has this condition which she told me that her urinary bladder isn’t well anymore. I don’t know what to do. I felt worthless. I felt guilty because I let her worked hard. She told me when she found out what’s her condition that exerting too much force was the reason why she had that condition now.

Now,whenever my mother’s face produces an “aching reaction” and she would tell me that she really felt that she’s dying and she can’t take it anymore,I really wanted to cry. I mean,GOD,I’m too young–were too young to lose a mother and I just can’t accept the fact. I do hope that the results of her check-up would be good (she’ll be going to her doctor this Saturday) She told me ages ago that her doctor recommended her to have an operation in which they will make repairs to the bladder and she told me how nervous she was and afraid. But I DO HOPE,I REALLY REALLY HOPE,by God’s grace that it would all be successful. I hope she won’t suffer that pain again because it is also killing me. 😦


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