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Family– Daughter’s Blog 1.2

I’m afraid I might lose someone I love.

When I knew that my mother was experiencing that kind of pain. Many ideas struck my mind that made me sooooo nervooouuus.

I had many plans for my future and I wanna make it with them With my father,mother and younger bro.

Like? I wanna go to the stage seeing them from afar and they are so proud of me. They’ll put my medals on. They’ll visit me on my dormitory,I wanna introduce to them the man I love. I wanna walk to the altar with them. I wanna treat my mom shopping for receiving my first salary on my job. Gaaaaaah ! I so have many plans and as what I said, I can’t bare to lose them. They are my everything. My world would be so miserable without them. For now, I must say that I love my parents and my brother and I would to anything for them . ❤


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