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Thankful –Daughter’s Blog 1.1


Last week was such a nightmare. I always thank God for helping us overcome it. It feels so good now that everyone was fine. I can sleep well at night. No worries,no fear.

My mother visited her doctor yesterday. She had an X-ray examining her kidneys,the ureter,and of course,the urinary bladder. thanks to the Divine Providence and the results went well. It was stated that she don’t have any kidney stones,kidney-enlargement and other diseases in her urinary system. The doctor gave her a pain-reliever so that she won’t suffer too much pain on the  condition  she’s experiencing right now. So by Tuesday,she’ll visit again her doctor regarding the condition. Im just happy as so you know because the pain is not bothersome now and it’s a relief to the other family members. I do hope that God will continue blessing us especially my mother. I do believe in miracles after all. I just want that effin condition gone. I hope so. *fingers cross* Thanks GOD ❤ Happy Sunday 😉


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