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I love you Mom ! <#


A letter for my mother. (please keep this as a secret)

Dear Ma,
Im sorry for being rude sometimes that when you instructed me to do that certain thing I would always complain or sometimes I would say,”later”. Thanks for your patience and sacrifices. Thanks for being a good mother.I wouldnever get tired saying THANK YOU since you are the reason whyI am here. Thanks for teaching me how to talk,speak,read and everything. You are my first teacher,of course. And I’d like to tell you that all my medals and ribbons I received from school are all dedicated to you. ❤
I love you Ma. Sorry for being so spoiled sometimes. 🙂 I do promise to grow up and be responsible. I promise not to entertain boys and focus my studies. I promise to take care of you and Pa and of course my brother. 🙂 Another thingy,thank you for understanding me that I rarely eat vegetables and for cooking me delicious food. Thanks for the time you spent with me talking,hearing my problems and giving me opinions. Thanks for encouraging me when you know how down I am. Thanks for everything and YOU ARE THE BEST. <33I love you 🙂 :*

PS. while I was typing this,Im trying my very best not to disturb her sleeping XD. goodnight :))


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