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Essence of Reading: bookworm’s diary


 Reading. Is it really boring? Is it really tiring? No-uh. A big NO for that.

I mean I won’t judge you but I pretty well guess that I overcome that thing. Im still a teenager,anyway.


When I was young, well, speaking of the old days when maybe I was eight? I don’t read,I always play. My mother would always encourage me to read just those thin books and I always refuse her telling her to stop pushing me to things I don’t like. I told her I wanted to play and play and PLAY!Such a childish act by me. I wanna cover my whole face right now because it is sooooo red. Ashamed? maybe >//<

Well,Im no longer 8. I got two hands,my feet,two eyes,a mouth,two ears,and a heart. I am on my own,I can decide by myself now. I just realized this year,how reading is really important.


a)     Improves your vocabulary – Im not good in English since its not my native language but well I discovered new words from  books. Might be useful for the future use.

b)     Gives you friends – Since books improves your vocabulary I guess you won’t be shy now hanging out with your friends,or in simple ways, chatting with them. I came from this sunny country,Philippines to be exact and I got some friends outside the country. Don’t tell me I went chatting with them using our language? Since English is the universal language books do help AGAIN. My friend told me (he came from London) that he adores me knowing three different language. He told me I speak English very well. –Will tell that to our ex-English teacher. Kidding. 😀

c)      Introduces you to other worlds– While reading it is like your imagination also is working. When you’re reading Harry Potter it is like you’re there at the scene in Hogwarts,or you’ll be at Camp Halfblood,or in Narnia. How amazing it is. You’ll be travelling to different worlds.

d)    Let you feel different feelings– Tragic stories.A hero dying in the end. A lovely girl being left by her Prince Charming.No Happily Ever After.

By reading books of course you’ll feel what the actors feel. If they  will cry,you’ll be crying too.  If it’s a romantic stories then I guess you’ll take gazillion years in moving on with that fictional character. When it’s a war or something,I bet you’ll saving now for something a memorabilia of that book.

I dunno what to say. I need to finish the book Im reading right now. I hope this list will be longer if I have time revising this. But all-in-all READING is IMPORTANT dears. It gives us knowledge.

What do you think about that? Would you mind sharing how reading improved your life?


Anonymous Fangirl xx


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