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Hestia’s sacrifice –bookworm diaries xx


 Sacrifice. Such a deep word for a fourteen-year old girl like me. I mean,we all sacrifice-in simple ways. We knew this word from the start since we won’t  be here if Jesus never sacrificed for us.

I dunno with myself why I wrote this entry. You’d be thinking this is such a waste of time but this one really matters for me.

I read this Percy Jackson series,the 5th book to be exact,Im on the 92nd page of the PDF file when I read this not-so-familiar name of a Goddess. She is Hestia,the Goddess of the Hearth.

Hestia. I quite admire her. I admire her though I came from Athena,the Goddess of Wisdom (Im a demigod.I belong to the fandom). Speaking of admiration,she really is worthy of it. I mean she sacrificed her  throne for Dionysus,the God of Wine when he was made a God. Its too simple for you. Maybe you’ll just say,Well she only gave her throne.Not something.Are you kidding me? For a God,sacrifing a throne was like  you’ll be losing everything. We’ll not Hestia. She gave the throne to Dionysus even though it made the council unbalanced. Supposed to be the council should have 6 Gods and 6 Goddess minus 1 Goddess (Hestia) plus one God (Dionysus) equal unbalanced council. I so admire this Goddess and I really think I should stop doing this blog now or it will took me forever thinking what I should add describing my oh-so-awesome-Goddess. Till next time goiize. :*


D xx


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