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Second Chance. –a friend’s story

We all deserve second chance right? Well,I hope so.

I had this friend,no, best-friend-ever,of mine. We had a huge fight here at wordpress and in texting also. We threw terrible words against each oter. I knew both parties were hurt. Its all my fault. //end of story//

I was thinking how to apologize to her,few months ago but I always end up saying,“Im afraid she wont accept. or Its still summer how the eff can I tell her Im sorry?!”  Thanks for the dated reunion of our group that’s why I decided to talk to her and I was about to make a draft of how am I going to tell her I would like to talk to her this coming 22. but surprisingly,she texted me,she wanted to talk. Do I have to think? No! I dont want to lose her y’know. The evil witch of Charn is getting stronger. We must combine forces. Hehe. But seriously,I dont have the courage avoiding her anymore. I miss her so much. Will see this 22. wish me luck 😉

D xx


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