Insecurities (-.-“)


 I hate myself. Well,just 50-50 you know. 50% was on the side which I do love myself while the other half don’t love being me. Im so full of insecurities,and it’s a bad side.

I hate being so useless at home. I don’t even bother washing my clothes,never tried cooking,and never woke up early. Truth was a punch on my face that Im so worthless.

Im worthless when my mother suffers her pain or whatever you call that because I just end up staring at her and doing nothing. Im so worthless when my friends are on a deep talk and they were so happy and laughing then I ended up out of place because I don’t know the topic.

*Im insecure to people who can manage their time properly. Time management was a burden to me since during schooldays I always have plans but ended up facebooking. Im so insecure with other students who can divide the whole evening studying many subjects for their tests.

*Im insecure to people who can sing. I love music but music don’t love me the way I love it. 😦

*Im insecure to people who can draw very well.I envy them so much since I can’t draw anything. Im just using stick figures XDD

*Im insecure to people who have those fair complexion. ugh >//<

*Im insecure to people who can just simply get their things they want. But who the hell cares really? Getting things you want in the difficult way would make you proud. wahaha~ Just like this convo between me and my friend 🙂

Friend: Hey! My parents bought me a new phone.

Me: Got this new phone of mine. Been saving this for six months ehy> :DD

Its just that getting what you want after many sacrifices was all WORTH IT. Imagine? My friend just got it for good while me I got it after saving money for months. Still,I have something to boast for :p wahaha XDD

*Im insecure to peope who can go to other places with their family. Ugh-.- Change topic. *ehem* I wanna go to far places yet my parents dont love travelling. 😦

*Im insecure to people who are intelligent. Please gimme some part of that intelligence bro!

*And most of all,asbgadbsk jfdsfmcsfc sdfckjmd fc. Im insecure to people who knows how to bike. 😦 it;s not so deep right ? But gaaaah -.- Im dying to know how to drive a bicycle yet I dunno how and I dont have time to practice 😦 SAD STORY !

At the end of the day,I am who I am,so I must accept my insecurities. Like duuuh -.- It will just affect me 🙂

Stay positive!


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