Worth of a Worthless Friend

I hate my FRIENDS.

They always make me cry.

They hurt me.


Well,Im not yet done. I hate them. I hate them for hurting my stomach and making me cry because of laughing so hard! 🙂

Friends. We all have many. We have thousands in facebook,hundreds in real life but I guess few of them are the best.

Choosing your friends don’t mean you should choose the perfect one. My point is,we should choose the people whose company makes us comfortable. Those ones who truly love us and  are not there because they needed something.So,here are my lists of my Friends at school and everywhere. _


Rose – the youngest among the group. Well, she’s the innocent type BUT she has many boyfriends *ehem*


  1. So yeah. She’s the youngest but she’s very good in English. She plays the dictionary sometimes and she’s the most fangirl of all. ^___________^ She’s so fluent in speaking that sometimes my jaws nearly dropped. ahihi. Srsly,she is so witty. She loves fangirling,procrastinating,vandalizing her notebook with her boyfriends’ names and drawings. She has a nice penmanship and she loves reading and.. and… D@mn. this girl is so talented. You don’t know but she has a good voice too. She’s good in Math like April and we owe her a lot for sharing her answers to us. :* I thank her for joining my company every afternoon after classes. I hope she doesn’t experience boredom with me.
    April ♥  Perfect. Knows how to dance,to sing,to draw,has a slender body (bilbil xD)and has a brilliant mind. She loves Mathematics and we hate it. Mirror-magnet. Self-conscious.Thrifty.has a shallow happines XD. I envy her for memorizing things as fast as she can. I envy her for solving problems in Math and managing her time properly. Can I have just a little part of yar brain? KIDDING. XD 🙂
        don’t make her laugh//. Making her laugh makes you regret why you did it? because.. her voice and the way she laughs is times two times two times two of the noise of my brother’s snore. Khet,thanks for everything prenbeees. Thanks for supporting my lovelife and giving me advices and answers in Math. HAHA. Sorry for not sharing my food to you
     Im older than her for only 24 hours. WTF -.-” baby-faced. always abide the rules. nerd. fangirl. corny jokes. serious type. chemist.loading67%.aesthetic.cheese.
    Thanks for giving me advices,thanks for boosting my self confidence when I lack it. Thanks for comforting me.Thanks for the fangirl talks. I hate you for taking up 2 minutes thinking for my cheesy jokes.
    ImageVyahng ❤
     I envy this girl for being a good dancer. She simply studies the music video for a while then properly got it. Thanks for your patience in teaching me dance. Thanks also for keeping the group well cared under the arms of our mudrakels. (YOU)
    ImageBenjun ❤
     I had a crush on this guy when we were first year but until the first 3 days only. :X
    Don’t make him laugh because just like Kate you’ll probable be turned off.
    Lhaie ❤ kid the second.I love his brothah ❤. seatmate
    Blessed with a Lola who kinda spoils her. She has many gadgets like Junard and her family really supports her. I love her because we’ve been in the band for almost a year yet we never familiarized the steps. 🙂
    dancer.Belieber.loves singing.the girl I never had a solo picture with.Narnian
    I adore her when she dance. She also gives me opinions and we talk nonstop about certain issues during free time. I love you bless 🙂
    We talked various topics like Kathniel then to their stories. We also talk about my crushes. A supporter of CB and DG then Joseph Marco. HAHA. Thanks FO. 🙂 Thank you for letting me borrow your money and treating us sometimes. We thank you for allthe pictuuuuures you’ve taken. We loves you. And be inspired 😉 PS. Sorry for all my faults. I know I hurt you and so sorry for that.
    ImageRyn ❤
    joker.editorial cartoonist.artist.loves photography.Daniel ❤ //Angel Locsin
     We salute you for thinking as fast as possible your UNKABOGGABLE jokes. you’re a pure comedian. AHAHA joke. Thanks for saving me when there is something to draw and thanks for everything. PS. forget the “ART thing”
     Dear Esesjeh,
    Errm. I thank you for the friendship. We all know that we experienced many obstacles na and yet there still many on our way. I hope our friendship will always be there. I hope the academics and anything won’t affect us. What’s in school remains in school. I hope we never get rid of each other and get tired controlling our temper. Thanks for comforting me and making me feel special when Im down. Thanks for the isang bagsak last ICT. I really appreciate it 😉 Guys,sorry for not being there when you needed help. Im not good in comforting but Im always hear to listen and to stop your tears from falling. I know sometimes we feel out of placed but please can we skip that one? I also feel that one man pud. 🙂 And yeah,April  sorry for laughing at you @ the stockroom. I know it’s embarrassing but that;s true friends. hehe. Guys.stay still ah. Walang iwanan. You are all worth the trouble. I love you. :*
    Joseph Marco’s soon-to-be-wife — Dexiel xx

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