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10 Things About My Dad

10. He always repeats his instructions. 

-If he told me to buy something yet Im still working on something,he waits. But after 10 seconds,he is again repeating his instruction. No blame.My father is growing old.

9. He’s an accountant.

He is my idol in that thing because I love math and I wanna be an accountant too. I just can’t forget,him,buying play moneys for me to play at home.

8. He’s conservative.

He don’t want me to wear shorts and skirts. And he will allow me sometimes to wear dresses but ONLY if there are certain occasions.

7. He’s calm.

Talk about patience. My brother is a brat and he’s the one who’s in charge of sending my brother to school since my Mom tends our store,so my brother is so slow in doing things yet I never saw my Father shouting at his son because of being slow. He just let my brother do things as it is and he’s in-charge coping up for the time wasted.

6. He loves my mother.

No matter what happened before,their fights and problems,I’m so thankful still because he is here together with my Mother. I don’t have a perfect family but Im sooooo thankful to God for not letting my family-relationship collapse. My father finds ways when we have problems but talk about being biased,my Mother was still the one who solves problems and my Father just helps.

5. He always compare me to others.

I hate his attitude because he’ll be comparing me to my brother. Telling that he is better when it comes to eating vegetables and such. But then he’ll be concluding that among me and my brother,Im the “sson-to-be-business-woman-type”

4. He understands me. If I told him I need an extra about something he’ll give me. If I go home late,he wont bother asking me why then considers my reasons.

3. He’s proud of us. He always talk about me at their office as what his officemates told me. He said Im an honor student and he’s a proud dad.

2. He  explains anything. Out of curiosity,I would ask him something. Though its taking our time sometimes he wont be hesitating to continue as long as  I can understand the point.

1. He loves us. Too obvious, This blog would be long if I’ll give you the reasons why, That’s all.


#Late post for the trendng topic at twitter. 🙂


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