Feelingness Overload:>



 Vanity strikes at its best.


Its weird having a minor who acts like its one of the major. Like? Srsly? We should make a poem about anything yet my brain is so slow making a single line >_< AND,to tell you frankly I was distracted because of Facebook and Twitter. ajejeje.

 So,anyway, I made a poem in Filipino but I finished this almost twelve o’clock last Tuesday. So here it is. 


Kung Ako’y Isang Tula

~Dexiel Kay Romiscal


Kung ako’ yisang tula,ako’y malaya

walang saktong saknong at wala ring tugma

Kung ako’y isang tula,ako’y di mahaba

Ngunit bawat sakno’y matatalinghaga.


Kung ako’y isang tula,ako’y matalinghaga

bawat salita’y may ibig isapantaha

Hindi lahat malalim pero masaya sisirin.


Kung ako’y isang tula,ako’y isang paksa

layuni’y maghatid aral at magbigay tuwa

Kung ako’y isang tula,ako’y may diwa

bawat taludtod,may riit at bisa.


Kung ako’y isang tula,Panginoon ang aking makata

at sana nama’y ika’y aking mambabasa.


Done ! Im so done with this crap. Having trouble to write this on my protfolio since I dont have a good penmanship :3


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