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Fault in Our Stars (IJustCantMoveOn)

a girl who has this lung cancer and a boy who had a fake leg. A girl who always carry an oxygen tank. By God’s grace  they  met at Support Group which Hazel Grae used to hate. Ugh. I sounded like Im writing a boo review here when in the first place, I DONT WANT TO WRITE A REVIEW BECAUSE I JUST CANT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT GUS DIED >//<

Spoiler alert: Gus died at page 261. I cried a lot. Their love story was briliant. A love story,a girl like me would wish and die for. Ehem excuse me? Except for the cancer part.

I understand why John Green wrote this. Its because it’s true… That no matter how perfect a certain relationship is it would be apart by something but that little infintiy between Gus and Hazel made meyself looked so stressed during schooldays since I had those eye sockets.  Eww.

Anyway, I love Gus. I adore him. He reads books and he is akmost near to perfect 10. I wanted to be his. OMFG. IMagine? He took Hazel to Amsterdam to visti Van Houten and gave up his wish and.. and . I forgot.. so yeah. he wrote the sequel which unfortunately he didn’t finish 😥

I despised Van Houten. I never knew why he acted like that infront of his fan. But at the end I cried several gallons of tears because I didn’t know why he became that alcoholic whore? His child had a disease at 8 sohe wrote a story imagining his daughter was 16. OMG. OMG. I cant breath.

Please. I command you to bring back Augustus Waters to life. Aaaaaaarg !

Btw,Im envious of my bff because she got a picture of the Eiffel tower. svcks so much 😦

Sorry for the messy update. My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations 🙂


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