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Fell in Trap

Have you been in love for once in your life? (This sounds absurd. eww)

Have you felt those butterflies in your belly? Have you seen yourself in the mirror smiling because of nothing? When you are listening to a class discussion but you can’t understand because you’re thinking of someone else. Or when you hear his name you’ll immediately scan the area to look for him. Well done. Cupid hit me so hard. You won,Cupid ! I fell in the trap again.

I had a puppy love and first love back then..but they left scars. Ouch 😦 I’ve been fooled and that’s why loving AGAIN (for the nth time) is like a dangerous crime to do,

Im uncertain if the boy really loves me back or is he just fooling around? Fooling around? So he’s bored and toying me? Ugh. I hope not because if I knew he’s doing that it would tear my heart AGAIN.

Im not sure if he really cares. Im not sure if he’s telling the truth. Im not sure if it’s true because I never saw his eyes that time. Im not sure if he really missed me because he never find ways to  call me,text me or see me in person.

Maybe Im too clingy but I wanted to know him deeper. I want him to spend hours talking with me. He did it. He never fails to make me smile and love him deeper but.. ugh,, Im in doubt.

I want to be sure IF HE REALLY LOVES ME ! not because of my attitude nor my appearance but I want him to tell me that,” I dont know. I just felt it” I want that.

I asked him not once but a gazillion times if he’s really serious. He told me that am I really thinking that he’s fooling around because he really is so serious about what it feels.

Im not sure. Ugh, rubbish.  I reckon he really is doing something when he’s excusing for himself OR he’s just chatting with someone else. So, he just remembers me when the one he really needs is not around. waaaaaaaaaaaaah. This ! IS MAKING ME CRAZZZZZY !

What shall I do? Ok. Im giving him the benefit of the doubt. In this way,I might not regret the blessings. ashishi.

His classmates told me that he’s not what I think. (playboy)n They told me that he’s serious. Well.let’s see. May the odds be ever in our favor. Let THIS GAME CALLED LOVE begin ! ❤


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