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8-10-13 15th birthday

Yeah. I know you are visiting my blog and you always read what’s in them So, before invading and knowing what I feel right now, PLEASE KEEP THIS AS A SECRET. Don’t ask me when we we have time to talk and don’t ask me anything regarding this. If needed just be silent,pretend you are not reading this and if you are involved, please never apologize and never pity me. and never laugh and blame me for what I feel.

First,tomorrow’s my birthday and it is a sad story. TO MY PART.

Aside that I am going to be a year older.. there are certain reasons why I shouldn’t be partying or what.

My friends don’t have time. (Certainly,if they are reading this right now,they would tell by themselves that they are just waiting for me to invite them) I reckon you never forget this date but I guess you dont have time? I always say “I HOPE WE WILL BE PRACTICING THIS SATURDAY” in purpose. Because I want them to celebrate my birthday with me. :3 I planned. I assumed and it hurts. :3 Blimey -_-”

I assumed. dang ! This sounds aa hsb bit asdfghjkloiuytter. We all have that moment when we expect. We dream. I was dreaming of a scene which my friends would surprise me as what they did to Jhung’s and Rose’ birthdays. Sadly,it never happened. OR just a day with them? a whole day galaan with them? im sure tomorrow would be hell? >_< I so expected also of a scene which they would edit whatever card to me? HAHA

Next, I am so discouraged.

My mother promised me something yet she never made it. Promises.. promises.. DANG!

She even promised it and fixed a date earlier. WTF.

cant blame her. maybe financial problem

K. end of story. Must be thankful to Lord God also for giving me another year. 🙂


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