When Families Collide: A Moment to Treasure



They say that life is too short, so we must treasure every moment.

We’re born to experience darkness and learn lessons from them. We may experience millions of moments in our whole life but only few were unforgettable and treasured. Few moments are always remembered until we grow old, we may even share it to our grandchildren’s children, and it may be the most unforgettable moment we can bring until we reach our graveyard.

            My family? They’re supportive, caring, loving, and everything, a person like me needs. They aid anything I need. But the worst part is that I missed them. I miss the fun shared between my cousins and I, the sing-a-long moment we had among the family members and I miss everything with them.

            My most unforgettable moment with them in which I reckon would be forever be in my  memory is a whole-day celebration of my Mother’s birthday this year. My cousins from far places like Cagayan de Oro City, visited so it was a splendid celebration. A celebration not only for my Mother’s birthday but also for the fast recovery of my grandmother’s illness.

            A day before the “big day”, my whole family was very busy. My mother together with my Aunt Mila were in the kitchen preparing our food for the next day. I was so tired that time yet I’m still happy. I’m always the one whom the  elders gave instructions to.

            The next day, we woke up early since we need to travel to farther East. We packed our bags for the said escapade. We went to the beach and during the one-hour drive on our way to Ozamis, I just talked and talked while my cousins kept nodding and listening. They knew me from the start, that when I talked no one should dare to stop me. I talked about the books I read; Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Fault in Our  Stars, and Percy Jackson. I even told them that I was a daughter of Poseidon, the God of the Sea and Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. My older cousin just laughed at me and told me how pathetic I am for adapting those weird stuffs from books. I told them about how movies differ from books like what I’ve seen in Narnia the Movie compared to the book series, they just give their comments about the issue. My other cousin, gave her “oh-so-awesome” speech about her outlooks in life and then I gave mine until the elders joined the group discussion.

            After the long drive, we were so amazed by the beauty of nature since we just witnessed the sunrise. It feels so good, the azure skies with the touch of the sea breeze. We ate our breakfast at the small hut near the sea and then we took several shots and we swam.

            When the sun was shining at its best, I stopped swimming and just strolled around the entire resort. I collected varieties of seashells and saw different colors of starfish. I even got jellyfish but I then freed it.



Late afternoon that day, we decided to packed our bags. My aunts are so busy                     cleaning the hut we rented while the rest of my cousins were writing their names at the sand. Me? Just enjoying the view. I walked around the sea side wondering where the amount of water go during low tides. I don’t sound insane, do I?

We had a fifteen-minute drive and reached the city then decided to visit the Birhen sa Cota. We attended the mass there and thanked God for everything, for making us united again though we are busy and for keeping all the family members safe.

Have you gotten to Birhen sa Cota? It sounds so peculiar to me because even though I visited there for a gazillion times, I just discovered that the four-sided wall near the Cota has a historical value. As what I have read, that wall was made of seashells and was created as a defense against foreign invaders of Ozamis City. Sounds very surprising to me.

            Ten past four, we decided to go home. Everybody was like half-sleeping due to the outing but when we were in Tangub City we were so unfortunate because a heavy rain fell. We decided not to stop because it was getting late. We were soaked wet at the back part of the pick-up and it was so cold. To enlighten the mood of everyone, we had this game in which a song will be played and if the player stops singing, you need to start a  new song using the last word of the song. We had so  much fun, I even danced while singing despite of my shameful voice. An hour later, we arrived at our house and  everybody was exhausted so they immediately change their clothes and went to sleep.

            That day, that single day was one-in-a-million. It was the most unforgettable moment I had in my fifteen years of existence. I know many surprises are  yet to come since God is still making a good story of my life. I do hope that those surprises, those challenges, I can face it with my family because family means putting your hands together and being there.




















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