The best thing to lose.. is sacrifice

The Best Way to Lose

The best way to lose is to sacrifice yourself. The best way to lose would be to actually lose and know you’re losing. Some people hate the idea of losing to someone, for they think it shows weakness and how incompetent you are.  For example, during elections. You gave everything you have, showed everyone that you are capable for the spot and when reality bites back, you lost.

Losing, to most of us, means that others have a strong hold on us, and they are better.

I don’t think that way. I think to sacrifice is the best way to lose, because in sacrifice, you win by losing. You wholeheartedly give up something for the sake of others, and they gain from your loss. We live in the time wherein gentlemen and sincere(est) people are rare species (based from experience), and I gotta say to be able to sacrifice something for the people we care for is an extreme noble thing to. Material things could never surpass the genuine intention of a sacrificial gesture.

The best way to sacrifice is loving. Love is a very complicated realm. It involves risks, ups and downs, and to quote Ricky Lee, the ‘tatlong K’: Kabog, Kilig, Kirot; and these things would make you think twice (and for some, million times) to give in and love someone. But, if you are ready to sacrifice yourself in order to love, you would take them all and finally, give yourself to someone (Not in a sexual way, of course. But it depends on the context). Because loving someone requires you to sacrifice yourself and surrender yourself entirely to the person you love.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m ready to sacrifice myself in order to love someone. I did it once, and sadly I failed. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t find someone worth sacrificing for. Maybe I’m not yet ready to open myself again for the possibilities. Maybe this isn’t the right time yet. I could enumerate a long list of maybes, with the post script that someday, this list will serve as a reminder or a memoir of my waiting.

It has a self-destruct button that will burn itself when I finally found that someone. The someone who is worth the risk, who’s worth sacrificing for.

Pardon my hopeless romantic side, Ma’am. These past few days I’m swamped with scripts, papers and a ton of personal drama that got me thinking what if, just what if I have that someone who I could talk (more of rant) to, and when the time gets really really bad, the one who’s willing to be enveloped in my arms and go on with the cuddling stuff. Yes, the feeling’s good! I’m not alone. But the big question is, is he worth sacrificing for? Choosing the right person worth for the sacrifice is a hard thing to do. I just have to be patient! Good things come to those who wait, right?

Did I make sense? The bottom line is, I think the best way to lose is to lose yourself to the one you truly love. Once you lose to that person, you know it is for the better, and with no regrets.



IT IS TRUE, isn’t it? The Best Way to Lose is to lose yourself to someone you truly love. (who also truly loves you back)

Note: This is from the fanfiction by Prose Vanity. I just searched it on google.


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