Regional Science Camp 2013 -Truly, Damnly Excited

 Ok. So here it is. I’ve been dying to participate camps for the past months and this Scince camping came into action. Thanks God this is such a blessing. Will be gone for 3 days and two nights. I just hope this camp would be great compared to the previous one. Not to mention they lack necessities like power and water :3 And, the BB. Kalikasan search I joined, which turned out to be a walk-out session of all the candidates because we were cheated and such. I hate the activities last year. It was no fun and only few joined.

Hey ! 21 students will be participating this year, a camp I must look forward to. Despite the expensive registration and fair, I do hope this is worth the pay. bwahaha~ Looking forward for so much galaan :DD

Sindangan here I come!


PS. Im so excited to the point that I want to pack my bags immediately. Friday please come 😀

PPS. Kinda hate how I lack privacy right now :X


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