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I know you can read this. You can read this since you know my blog and you’re a blogger :X But please.. just don’t be angry about my opinions regarding the situation.

First, I wonder why you have those mood swings. I wonder why you’re happy for a while then when I looked at you again you looked like you had the problems in the world. When we approach you 2 things might possibly occur: it’s either you’ll avoid us or join us but be mad at us. I hope you dont feel out of placed because were all your friends.

Is it because of family matters or you are just pressured because of Chemistry? When we talk, then I cant hear what you’re saying (Im partly deaf) then I just thought you’re mad at me. I asked for pardon but you’ll just dismissed the stuff and then end of conversation.

I sometimes hate how you respond to my questions. Your voice raises and I hate being like that,

I want to know your problems,to comfort you and to understand the whole situation but you’re not being open. So I guess? I dont have any solution for that.

This past few days, you look so gloomy. I dunno what happened. Is it about the investigatory project,family issues,what? Srsly, we’ve been trying to understand but I guess you should be open to us. Let’s talk. Tell us you’re problems. Not telling that just makes you even more depressed.

I sincerely hope you accept this positively. If you ever read this, just dont tell me. Its A-W-K-W-A-R-D >:D




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