That moment you and you’re friends were bragging about something and are totally prepared about that camp then…. then… IT WAS POSTPONED. >________<

 I’ve been waiting for Friday to come since tomorrow was supposed to be the BIG DAY for everyone. We went and looked for a bus to transport us to the camp site and then we planned what to bring,when we’ll we sleep and what will we do then .. bang! NO camp!


I totally blame MNLF for this since they attacked Zamboanga City and the city had a crisis.. and.. and.. no camp at all.


In the good side,this was a blessing. My mother told me she was hesitant if she’ll allow me to go or not.. (because of the Zambo crisis again) and .. Im expecting many students to participate the camp this coming October. atleast Im not selfish. The more participant,the happier it will be 😀

Lesson Learned: Dont be too excited about something it might be a total failure.

I just wish October will be here. :DD


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