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9.26.13 Farewell.New Life. Happiness

Many things had happen for so many days that I,myself can’t express in my blog. So please bear with this long blog.

Weeks passed.Love turned to lust. Smiles faded,tears started to shed.

Yes. Cause happpy endings never exist.

Yes. I thought they exist. Yes, I was victimized by Cupid.

Yes, I thought he’s the one.

Yes,I was hurt.

Yes, I cried. And yes,its hard to forget. and super YES, I promised not to fall again.

Just a simple HI changed everything. T’was kinda nice since something was develop and then we FELL. >___<

Shame on me, I even post the letter here. HAHAHA.

First, I was not really that hurt. I dont know (shrugs shoulders) I never regret anything. I was so happy instead because he’s being honest. He never felt the same,just like what Im feeling for him.

Being his friend is better. A WHOLE LOT BETTER.

Im just sort of happy because we lasted for months. wahihi. XD

I was thankful because he was never boring and I am living with his advice in which he told me that I shouldn’t mind people who backstab me because they are just confused admirers. I AM LIVING WITH THAT ADVICE. 🙂

I am also thankful because when I told him I am jealous he would avoid and never do that again.

I sound like a brokenhearted girl, right? Tss. I MOVED ON.

I just adore him. He even talked to me and chatted me.

He never denied that I am his past. LOL. That’s amazzzzing.

And I still love the fact that he freaks out when someone calls my name. 😀

Ham and cheese,Boss,Im  still on my way of 100% moving but one thing’s sure I see you as my friend. Thanks 🙂


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