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Student’s Concern//Blog 101

Before reading this,hate me first because after you’ll read this post you’ll be hating me more. This blog  concerns to all the students.Im not addressing this to anyone but if the shoe fits in, then GO XD :)-


–Whatever that is, IT IS A SIN. You may see cheating as a way of having good grades but some us sees it in a different way. Yes, some lessons are so difficult but is cheating really is an effective way for that? No it’s not. Cheating is like an insult on your teacher’s side. He made the items on the quiz for quite a long time yet you–I mean  your GROUP,just kinda brainstrormed and helped each other and you got the quiz well. Im not being a good student here because I admit that I copied,not ONCE not TWICE but a gazillion times.

There are two kinds of copying for me: A. you just secretly glanced at your seatmate’s paper and B. group cheating in which.both of you are glancing at each other’s work and your helping each other. But WHATEVER that is, THAT’S CHEATING. I said earlier that I copied but it is just in assignments but when we talk about quizzes or exams–Hella,that’s another story.

When you copy,you just think of your self,aren’t you? You’re thinking of the GOOD GRADES you can get,the RANK and such. But will you please think of the persons around you? Your classmates,if you were in their shoes you would really feel the inequality.

Won’t you think of those people who slept late for them to study those lessons yet you, being a procrastinator or you’re just that dependent, had the opportunity to facebook and bore yourself in texting? UNFAIR,ayt? YES. What about those, who don’t have friends? What about those who were absent yet they didn’t have the guts to cheat? Was that FAIR? It’s not. It’s really not.

On my part, I just hate the fact that you got high scores because every subject, YOU CHEATED.

I never planned to tell this but I guess I was so full and I was so mad about it. I got affected because my scores are clearly low yet those who didn’t study got higher since they copied at each other. I am not looking down at someone here, it’s just that I HATE IT.

So, please, stop cheating. When you get a higher rank and a good grade after all of that, can I ask you something? ARE YOU DESERVING? Go answer that yourself.

Friend,whoever you are, you may be the richest person on Earth but just a piece of advice, know the consequences you can get from cheating. Think. And please it would be nice if you would bear this in mind,”GETTING THE THINGS YOU WANT BY HARDWORK MAKES YOU HAPPIER THAN GETTING IT WITHOUT ANY EFFORT.” Godbless. 🙂


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