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A stranger’s advice :)

Hey 🙂 Please do read it up to the bottom part. Thanks ^^,

I don’t know you. Well, your pretty popular here on FB and my friends are your friends on that networking site (Facebook) so I ended up adding you.

I was there. Dili bya ko tantung chismosa pero exposed man gud ang posts ninyo. I was there when you fell for her. (si Nikkah right?) I don’t know you both personally pero as what I said, FRIENDS LAGE MO NKO SA AKONG FACEBOOK and YOU ARE POPULAR. So that’s another story.

Pero let’s go back to the main topic. You fell for her and she did the same way. Naa man gale nag-give way sa inyung gugmabells diba? (ako na chismosa) Btaw, what I’m saying here is only based on my observations since gatambay man gud ko’s facebook.

Yesterday, I saw some posts and I was so dang shocked (bsag di tamo friends) nga you broke up or some sort of problem lang sa relationship? Pero nagstrong nman gud mo.

Too make the long story short, if she hurt you and made you cry, then she don’t deserve you uy. Maskin unsa pa na iyang excuses basta kay she made you cry lahi na na. You’re handsome and you’re still young, dghan pag girl ug pa-GIRL. And maybe.. and maybe.. someday, makakita rka ug MAS HIGIT pa niya. Just live life and wait for that girl.

PS. Im too bored so I made this one. Pero with feelings baya na ha? Sorry “feeling close” kaau. Thanks. 😀 Please correct me of Im wrong. As what I said,based rna sa observations nko therefore I dont know the whole storyand I cant judge. Thanks 🙂


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