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Heroes ofOlympus,Book Four: House of Hades//Book Review&Spoilers

Heroes ofOlympus,Book Four: House of Hades//Book Review&Spoilers

That feeling you have when your favorite book is in your hands. Gee *o* I finally got the newly-released House of Hades. Actually, my Aunt bought it for me so I dont have any problem regarding the money 😀 It feels great. Im done reading it. Rick Riordan is such a cliffhanger but the book was really awesome. 🙂

SPOILERS: *I had this wild guess that Tartarus will fight Percy and Annabeth himself. — correct
*Leo and Calypso. Calypso? You remember her? The girl who was stuck in the island and will eventually fell for a certain hero.. blah.. blah. So yeah, Leo was stuck in Calypso’s magical island when Khione, the snow goddess and her brothers came to attacked Piper and the rest of
Argo II.
*Ya know Bob? The titan whom Percy named Bob when he forgot everything after he swam River Lethe? Yeah. He’s probably there. A good titan who helped Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus. He guided them to the Doors of the Death and killed the arai who attacked Percy and Annabeth.
Damasen,on the other hand, is the good giant. He’s the son of Gaea and Tartarus yet he was being punished. :)) They SACRIFICED their lives in order to save PErcy and Annabeth and in order to close the doors of death. 😥
Anyways, this is kinda looong. So I think I should stop now? 😀 Go read it to for yourself. Goodluck fellow demigods 🙂 ❤

PS. I love the part in which Frank killed all the katobleps (I dunno if that’s the term). He got the blessings of Mars. :)) I was supposed to be Team Leo-Hazel here but ended up being Leo-Calypso 🙂

PPS. Nico de Angelo is gay. I cant move. He said and admitted it to Cupid. He hated Annabeth and himself. OMFG. He is gay because he is INLOVE WITH PERCY. :3 Oh-em. Rick Riordan probably broke mah heart 😦


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