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Too many blessing – THANK YOU GOD :) <3

Instead of asking many prayers just to have material things you have.. why not say thank you for the things you never asked but God gave? 🙂

 Yes. Sometimes I brag about something. Something useless that I wanna have. And sometimes I got disappointment when I dont get it. But, I realized that Im still lucky.

Little things for me but I know that someone out there don’t have it.

Good health? I am healthy. I was not like those children who were unable to go to school because of serious illness.

Family and friends? Well, I never been bullied and I never got really really hurt. And when I feel down, I have them to cheer me up.

Ok. I am so thankful for the blessing I had these past few days. Well, there are many small things I never asked so I must say thanks to God.

*My aunt gave me a book. My favorite book.

*My other aunt gave me a pair of Havianas and I was like? 😮 OH-EM-GEE? I am so not careful on using this :3

*My parents permited me to participate on a camping

*Mother brought me a new skinny pants and clothes though I never asked for it

*I won the 2nd place on the DPC

*I was the 4th honor the previous grading

And most of all, I am still here living with my life. Many things to be thankful for bt the list goes on and on. 🙂


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