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I feel so weak. I always cry. I always hide what I feel. I did secretly sobbing. I sometimes cry at night. You may see me as a strong person, but only my pillow knows how weak I am.

I cried at the CR today because I was just hurt. I accepted the fact that I did not win the election. I just cried because I felt like I was being embarassed in front of many people.
Wanna know the story? Well,we had an election and it came to the point that they nominated me as the auditor. Then, Vie suggested that they should elect someone younger from grade seven or eight. But then, I was nominated then Ma’am Pacong said something.then my whole world just got reversed after I heard what Vyahng said, “We won’t vote her Ma’am”.

I never ever really expected that they would be serious about it. NEVER. Friends are your number one supporters right? Then how the hell did they get the courage to choose Borbon whom they rarely knew many things about over me? Well, maybe HE IS BETTER AND DESERVING. I am so eww. But bear with me and put yourself on my shoes. How would you feel? Cause I really felt disappointed and as well as betrayed.

When the election was finished they were just so normal. They never hat I feel. Are all people like that? They are so inconsiderate. Never considered the feelings of others. If they are not to vote me, well they shouldn’t nominate me. Too bad. I really thought I can rely on them. Tss. proved me wrong. :3

Feeling the lump on my throat and this warm water from my eyes, I went to the CR and cried. Silent sobbing.

Unfortunately someone saw me and  I had the urge to ran but well Merrah is Merrah and Bless is Bless.They comforted me.

I felt good afterwards but then it wont change the fact that I got hurt by them. 😦

PS. I dont need to talk about this anymore. This piece of crap is done. ITS DONE. THE DAMAGED HAS BEEN DONE.


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