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Moment of Silence- Give thanks

The taste of victory is sweeter if you’d known defeat

I have soooo man things to thank today. I’ve been so blessed and everything and I MUST thank HIM 🙂

Dear God,

I never expect that I’ll win to the DSPC but you never failed to surprise me. Just like what I said in my prayer,”it’s okay if I wont win atleast I tried. There’s still next time right?” I am sooo grateful you gave me the opportunity to win again. You see? I hate my lead, the erasures and I lack facts yet I won. You also let us brag the first place in collaborative writing,group category. Again, THANK YOU. I was not trapped when our school flooded,the bus we rode was home safely, I got new friends, Im still alive and kicking, I had fun with friends today,I have food to eat, Im healthy, I woke up each day,  everything around me that I never noticed… THANK YOU.



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