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Family Day.

“We won’t attend that event. We will be busy on that day.”

Words that stabbed me. Words that are killing me and caused me much pain.

It’s worse than my friends never notice me the way I wanted to notice them.

I want them (my parents) to attend that special day because we never had a day together.

Last time, I was this so dramatic, I cried all night and convinced them to attend my recognition day. I even thought of some negative things like,”They’re attending other’s burial but how come they can’t attend my recognition day?” Im so bad right? I never thought of the reasons why they’re doing those things. It for our future, our own good.

I never thought of my mom doing her best just to tend the store for us to have something to eat and to buy anything we need.

I never thought of my father working for almost 8 hours in the Bank.

Now, I completely understand it. They’re working for us. It’s ok. Everyday is heaven when Im with them and no family day can ever tie it. Many days are  yet to come with them. Im going to treasure it. 🎉💖


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