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Regional Schools Press Conference– December 10-13,2013


We arrived at Farmer’s Haven,Dao, Pagadian City last December 10. We just registered, attend the opening program and then stayed at the quarters. 🙂 What really made me laugh this time was, that time we were so busy scanning the place looking for handsome pals. Wehhee 😀

Second Day- December 11

My event was news writing and twas set at 11 AM. I was really star-strucked when I found out that the lecturer was a book author ! 😀

The contest took place after the lecture. 🙂

I struggled as Mrs. Valde gave the topic. It was a speech story and I swear to the RiverStyx I never written a news like that. Honesto ^^,

Third Day

I enjoyed the Tagisan ng Talino with Danice, Revy, Bart and Shaina. We grabbed the seond place out of the eight divisions competing for the title.

*After the contest, I immediately slept at the quarters. Hours later, after we ate our dinner, the group agreed to stroll around the place since that was our last stay. 🙂

We took pictures at the unity park and the plaza as well. It was soooo fun ! 😀

We went home to the quarters at 10 PM I guess? But since it was too early for us, we decided to have a movie marathon 😀 We watched A Walk To Remember ❤ Ate Shaina really sobbed so bad that’s why Ma’am Menioria scolded us in the middle of the night. mehehe

Last Day

We woke up early. Took our bath. Ate. And packed the things because that was the last day. The decision day. The proclamation of winners who will participate for the NSPC. 🙂

But, the sched says Election of Officers to Editor’s Guild.

It was the moooost embarassing moment of my life. My friends nominated me as the Vice-President External Affairs and I never thought I won. Say whuuut? the VP internal affairs was soooo dang cute !

During the oath taking, my friends told me I was so close to the Vice-Pres they always thought were lovers. Like duuuh? hahha.

The whole experience was memorable. I wont forget it. Though, I didn’t win, it will super dupah FUN AND MEMORABLE ! <33


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