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Feelings should be confessed before 2k13 ends. :) Part 1.


hahaha. What the hell. why am I typing this? XD Btw, please we are not to talk about this sh*t after you read this. haha 😀

Im not saying this just to expect for something but Im going to say this for the sake of myself. Lols.

Ugh. This unexplainable feeling started back in !st year summer and lasted after you and Jaive had a relationship. As innnnnn head over heels kayko nimoo dohh. I dont even know why. Dili man sab ka buotan :p Dili sad ka gwapo >:D Ambut, di pud ta close ato. HAHAHA But after  ato nga panghitabo, wa nko nagkacrush nimo bayuuuut. As in kiligon ko pero crush2 ra guro’g layt. HAHAHA

Tbh, karung third year.. nibalik sya . and I dont even know why. Siguro,kay nagkaclose ta? Tsk. lame. Ay ! Tungod skong sungugan nga friends :/ HAHAHA. Im not plannin to reveal this secret, not until nakabalo si Robert ay. panirang moment kaau. HAHAHA

There are many ways why ngkacrush ko nmu doooh XD di man ka tantung maldito no? except sa fact nga always ka-mamalikas (mg-father man kaha ka? why always say bad words?) and I really appreciate you telling confedential things to me. k2ng imung three reasons, taman sa retreat and everything. NEMEL, PAKIT-A KO NGA MUHILAK KA BII? XDDD

To end this, I LOVED you.  Past tense na ap? way mag-screenshot bi? haha  I had a crush on you. Agay! haha. took me how many months to do this? LOL. nakasave rani skung Doc ba. eww :/ haha. luckily, my friends convince me to do this para no regrets. I guess, I wont regret this na? 🙂 Please give me feedbacks. Curious ko sa number 1 statement. Puhpleasse? parang awa mo na sa aking kaluluwa. LOL.

Happy new year in adbaaans ! 🙂


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