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People I met in 2k13 ! Nice meetin ya ! :D

Ohlala. I dont know why we guys met. HAHA Destiny? MAYBE. Haha. Only God knows why.

*Trisha Iris – I just saw some random posts on my news feed and saw your name. I added you afterwards. I didn’t expect pajud nga we share common friends and we have the same likes (book and stuff) HAHA. Bonus na guro tung journalism nu nga I met you personally tas naka-handshake pjud. Yiiie ❤

*Laura Astunette – via Facebook japun. Oy Geng, salamat kaayu sa pinaulbong advices ug pampakilig nko ha? mehehe 😀

*Haniyah Salih- we became friends in a very-nakakahiya-I-wont-forget way. wadapak. nangaway ko nimo Haaaan! Haha. Im so rude that time pramis yet you still managed to stay calm despite the situatiom. I adore you so much. gwapa tas nice ug tingug. HAHA ❤ yie. Han sorry for the pangaway I did. 😀 met via Azel

*Gee Nicole,Warlito,Fritz – hey ya guys. we met because of journalism and because of Iris 😀 HAHA. I really appreciate you being kind to me and murag dugay nata gaela nga treatment, Thanks for trusting me and sharing secrets with me. Nicole, regards si Paul! ❤ War, si Miss Orator ayiiie.



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