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Drabblings. –student’s blog

I know you’ve been through many things. I know how it feels to discuss in front of many students yet only few listens to you. I know how it feels to work ALONE. I know what it feels when you always tell us what to do yet we never improved and changed. I know how tired you are. I know how difficult it is to control your patience and your anger. I know how depressed, discouraged you are to us.

Sir, sorry for being a headache. Sorry for the nonsense talk during Math  discussions. Sorry if we never improved. Sorry if we show no respect. Sorry.

Sir, I have this feeling.. the feeling of hatred to you. Yes. I hate you. The way you reprimand us is just too immoral? Haha. You never beat us nor hit us but I just cant take it anymore. You always reprimand us everyday and srsly it’s toooooo old. I mean,we understand that you want us to be perfect models of the school campus since we are a part of the special section but… WE ARE NOT PERFECT. We are just like those students who hates Math,cant solve math and talks during Math. We showed respect. But I think, that respect is decreasing now. We are teenagers. We need guidance. You always reprimand us yet you show no action or solution on how to solve those problems. You just let us decide on our own,100 percent believing that we don’t need you anymore. Of course, we need you as the class adviser.

What happened to our Christmas party last year was such a disappointment. You chose to discuss math a day before the party so as a result we had a messy party –no programs,no games,pure boredom.

I hate the way you point to us that we are poor in Math. That we are not good leaders.  That we are so childish and incompetent. Sir, WE ARE NOT PERFECT. Go grab a dictionary and check it.

—Im such a bad student I know. I just cant take the feelings anymore. Ok? I’ll try not to roll my eyes and be a bad*Ss. Im trying since..new year means new life? 😀 Ok.


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