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Perks of Being a “Bestfriend”—Just another blabbering

First things first, I don’t consider myself as your bestfriend.


because you never shared something confedential to me. Tsk. Compared to my former crush who used to share secrets with me.

..because you never comforted me when I cry nor even made an effort to make me smile

..because you didn’t bother talking to me when Im around compared to my former crush.

..because you always pretend you didn’t see me even if you did..

..because you only text me if you’re bored

..because you only text me if you aren’t texting with your ex-girlfriend

..because you told me you love me yet you never prove it

..because you are another living proof of persons living with a motto of “promises are meant to be broken”

..because you never show anything regarding of what you feel

..because I think that you just loved me when your ex is not around

..because I think that you still love your ex and Im just a rebound

..because you are such a hard-headed person because I already told you I don’t love you yet  you still continue to hang around

..because our parents teased us when they’re around

..because I hated you

..because I once loved you

..because we knew we both feel the same way yet I refused to be involved with you

..because I chose to stay as your friend because I am insecure and I DO LOVE SOMEONE ELSE.. <33

Second, I hate you.


..because I don’t consider you as my bestfriend

..because I hate our call signs.. I hate having endearments

..because I hate the way you text..  HE is way better

..because I hate it when you told me you love me yet you are flirting with your ex.. May you rot in hell ^^,

..because you’re just one of the guys who became a part of my life. So what? LIFE goes on.


I loved you but that was years ago. And to make things clearer, I loved you but just an ounce of 20% not like *ehem* which I won’t ever deny that I loved him with a rate of hmm? 85% 😀 Aaaaaaaaaaand, he gave me butterflies in my stomach, he made me stay up all night long thinking of him. Not like you. You’re the opposite. Im not being bitter here. Buuuuut please,stop playing games. If you love your ex then go settle things with her and you two rot in hell. And just tell your ex to stop being a douche bag because she did hurt you for a thousand times and you always come near me and It’s pretty annoying and it causes you to play games and hurt someone’s feelings and makes them dtronger,better and gaaaaaaaad she’s wrecking our friendship. Here’s one thing sure, I DON’T LOVE YOU . Stop acting like you are my bestfriend because you never comforted me. You never made me feel happy. You’re just an ordinary guy trying to destroy things. K? backoff.


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