2014. · fangirling

the student. the fangirl

I promised to myself that as soon as I get home I’ll make my assignments and study. But, as you can see, I killed time and blog and fangirl. HAHAHHA. I was stucked at tumblr editing my blog and I was so busy searching for pictures of Jack Frost and Elsa…. ❤ Myaaaaaaaaaah! THEY ARE SO AWESOME., THEY ARE MEANT TO BE,THEY ARE SIMPLY MADE FOR EACH OTHER. AND WE LOVE THEM. I MEAN, I LOVE THEM. I SHIP THEM. I STALK AT THEM. I WATCH FANDOM TRAILERS, READ FANFICS AND OH MY GOOOOOOD ! ❤ I WONT ASK FOR ANY FUGGING LOVELIFE ALL I WANT IS JACK AND ELSA ! 🙂  OMG. I CANT BREATH. IT WAS ALL WORTH OF THE PROCRASTINATINGI DID.  ❤ ❤



*credits to the owners. I dont own the pictures. Just found that on tumblr.


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