2014. · DexielgetsSerious · Love · regrets · Years ago.

If I could just time travel.. Random topics INSERTED.


If I could time travel, there are many scenes I wish I could change so that I won’t make things which I regret today, and  do things which I never did years back. I wanna change those unhappy moments to a happy one. I hope I never met the people who hurt  me.

I wanna re-travel those scenarios where I was just a little kid, carefree and happy with the people I love who are no longe here.

But one thing’s for sure.. if I could change the things I did.. I would never ever do that. NEVER. (You dont know what Im talking about because this blog is some sort of a monologue.)

I wanna delete those scenes where I used to texts nonsense topics, talk nonsense and thoooose embarrassing moment. I hate the way I used to send group messages telling people how miserable my life was, years back. I hate the way I used to interpret songs and the way I overact, the way I assume and I just hate the way I am. I hate meeting people who I know will just leave me alone someday. or some traitor.

know what? she’s acting likes she’s an angel here. like she’s sorry for what she did and yet she waaaaas backfighting me all these years? dang! and worst…I really thought this other man would defend me. Being still and not commenting on those situations would be alright. but yeaaaaah. t’was years back. he was still that immoral brat who never thinks first before answering someone’s questions. ugh! why do I fucking care? :3

-Off topic: Just done watching She’s the One starred by Bea Alonzo, Enrique Gil and Dingdong Dantes.   Enrique’s adorably hot and haaaandsome aaaand the story’s plot is so daaaang interesting. ❤ ❤

–Off topic2: This morning, I was told by my teacher to participate for the District Math Challenge and I kinda freaked out. Why? He just informed me that time and our lessons which are precalc are not the topic. It’s all about geometry and goddamn Geometry we only discussed that 2 years ago! 😦 But, I have no choice so I joined the contest. We were given 2 hours to solve those questions without any multiple choice. Tssssk. I only answered 22 I think and the score is *secret.* nwahahhaha. Im not qualified for the next level but I dont care. Im hating Math now. 😦

–OffTopic3: I got my copy of First Phone Call from Heaven yesterday and I do hope I’ll finish it this week. and wtf I never started designing Robert’s slumbook and I promised to return it this coming Monday. ugh!


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