2014. · SchoolStuff

A Mathematics Class: (During a Quiz: opening of book, notebook and calculator, no talking, no asking questions, no turning of heads): A Sham

Mathematics is a tough subject, students always label this as the toughest subject among the rest. You need to do everything for you to love Math—you need to be patient, determined and be focused.

In my fifteen years of existence, 12 years spent in school, I just realize how Math greatly affects humanity. Imagine? You can’t  even make a simple headlight without knowing a simple parabolic property, you can’t even know how much your change will be when you buy a piece of bread in the store. Without Mathematics, we knew nothing.

This year, I feel bad about myself because I think I betrayed my favorite subject—I neglected it. I chose to make things whenever our teacher discusses something and I became tardy when it comes to studying it. I became dependent that our teacher will allow us to open our book, notebook and calculator. I know it wasn’t a right thing, I even think it’s a way of cheating and an insult to our teacher’s part. I was so guilty because I know that our teacher spent the whole night preparing for our lesson yet my classmates and I are not serious about it.

In my opinion, no turning of heads and asking of questions during a quiz are not the solution to avoid cheating. Instead this might cause an act of rebellion just like what the Tagalog line says, “Masarap ang Bawal.” I suggest that we can do the “one seat apart” pattern so that noise and cheating would be  avoided. I also suggest that prohibiting us when it comes in opening our book and notebook may be a good start for us so that we won’t be dependent anymore. Even though it’s difficult but we need to try . This is for the better.


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