2014. · DexielgetsSerious

2014 Bucket List: 365 things to do before 2015


1.  Spend a day surfing the internet.

2. Make projects earlier than usual.

3.  Get rid of mobile phone until summer.

4. Spend a day sleeping.

5. Spend a day watching horror movies ALONE.


7.  No internet surfing for a week.

8. Wash my own clothes.

9. Clean the house without being told.

10. Clean the room without teacher’s instructions.

11. Confess to someone.

12. Bond with classmates (laugh with them, share secrets with them).

13. Share a secret with someone.

14. Meet a friend from facebook.

15. Make new friend from other countries.

16. Buy a fandom shirt.

17. Buy a fandom collectibles.

18. Read a bible and memorize verses.

19. Buy a new book.

20. Buy a new phone.

21. Travel to far places.

22. Talk to someone on the phone longer than usual.

23. Invite someone to visit at your house.

24. Eat lunch with bestfriend.

25. Buy something for yourself.

26. Tell something rude to someone.

27. Curl my hair.

28. Take a picture with my crush. XD

29. Blog more than 250 post this year.

30. Reach tweet limit in twitter.

31. Play truth or dare.

32. Eat chocolates.

33. Visit relatives.

34. Vacation to far places.

35. Learn something new.

36. Cook my own food.

37. Move on.

38. Refuse someone’s offer.

39. Not to talk anything useless for a day. Talk when needed.

40. Have a perfect score in a Math quiz.

41. Have a perfect score in a History.

42. Go to beach.

43. Learn how to braid my own hair.

44. Have a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon.

45. Have a 45 Book challenge.

46. Volunteer to charity work.

47. Become friends with my old good friends.

48. Have a reunion with my elementary classmates. ^^,

49. Stop swearing.

50. Have a flawless skin.

51. Go on a diet.

52. Escape.

53. Take scholarships.

54. Have my 11:11 wish come true.

55. Cuddle on a rainy day.

56. Drink hot chocolate with a good book.

57. Become friends with my BFFS again ❤

58. Attend a prom.

59. Have a tidy room.

60. Celebrate my sweet sixteen birthday.

61. Cry because of a movie.

62. Watch movie at movie house with family.

63. Study greek mythology.

64. Be artistic.

65. Apply make up.

66. Finish Doctor Who movie series.

67. Fall in love in SUMMER 2014.

68. Get a retweet or  a chance to talk with John Green.

69. Stop drinking coke.

70. Stop eating noodles.

71. Stop eating junkfoods.

72. Stop eating green mangoes.

73. Tell someone you love them.

74. Be a dramatic actress at school play.

75. Read romantic novels.

76. Listen to random classic music.

77. Have a journal starting from June.

78. Own a cool shirt.

79. Try shopping online.

80. Change my haircut.

81. Find a heart-shaped stone.

82. Take a bath in the rain.

83. Go to beach with friends.

84. Receive a tweet from a celebrity.

85. Fangirl with Ansel Egort.

86. Watch vampire diaries.

87. Give someone a Valentines card.

88. Make everyone believe you have a boyfriend.

89. Have a movie marathon.

90. get a guy sing for me.

91. Stargaze on the roof.

92. Survive 4th year high school.

93. Get my nails painted.

94.  Be money smart.

95. Tell my parents something.

96. Burry someone in sand.

97. Make a short story and publish it.

98. play spin the bottle.

99. Make friends with a british boy.

100. Meet a fellow fanboy. ❤

101. Make your favorite filipino author favorite your tweet ❤

102. Sign 20 slumbooks –14 left

103. Cry because of a novel

104. spend a day watching Doctor Who

105.  Finish First phone call from Heaven

106. Read Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl

107. Buy Rick Riordan’s Blood of Olympus

108. Watch TFIOS

109. Read 50 One shots in Watty

110. Sleep at 2 AM.

111. Make friends with someone.

112. Cooperate.

113. be on a debate.

114. receive a gift

115. give someone a gift

116. make birthday cards

117. have more than 5000 tweets 🙂

118. be the first placer on a group contest


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