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Little Mermaid –the ORIGINAL. <//3

She never married the prince. She never had her fish tail back. She never became as happy as she was in the kingdom before. She never had a good life. She never had her happy ending.

Disney.. Well, I grow up with Disney. It was part of my childhood. I won’t forget Mini and Mickey and Donald and Goofy and the princesses. I won’t forget Alice, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and the Dwarfs. Well, I used to believe that princes and princesses really exist. Well they really exist but what Im trying to say is that I USED TO BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE’S STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING. Who would thought that after so many long years, a prince would kiss Aurora then she woke up? That when Cinderella ran, a prince found her glass slippers and looked for her the following day? That a frog married a pince, that pumpkins can be turned to carriages aaaand a poor  maiden can marry a young maiden? Well, I used to believe in fairytales and happy endings but now? NO!

Im not going to tell you something about my lovelife here but Im just greatly devastated after I read the original story of Little Mermaid by Christian Andersen.

**There was this maiden who live in the bottom of the sea. She is the youngest and the most beautiful among five. Each year as they turned to 18 (was it really 18? I forgot) their grandmother would allow them to go to the shore and look to the surroundings above. When it was her turn, she admired everything – the surroundings, the boats EVERYTTTTTTTTHIING./ Until such time came, that the boat (rode by the Prince) was in great danger so she came to rescue. She saved the Prince’s life and before going away she kissed him and from afar she saw how the people came to help the prince. Then, I think she was really inlove with the Prince that she decided to go to the Sea witch. She sacrificed her voice for her to have legs but every step she made will be  very difficult because it feels like she’s walking under many sharp swords. And she can only be a mortal if she can make the Prince fall for her. The Prince met her but he never felt the same way she felt for him. The Prince loved her but as a sibling. Then the Prince was invited for a celebration to the other kingdom and he met a lovely Princess whom he thought was the maiden who saved him from the accident. They will be married the following day (if the Prince would be married with another maiden, the mermaid will die). The Mermaid’s sisters visited her and brought with them a knife. They told her that she need to kill the Prince in order to have her fish tail back. But she really love the Prince that she never choose to kill him. The Prince married the Princess and the mermaid died. <//3

**So yeah, my childhood was ruined >_< no happy endings.


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