Magical Thing~

 I woke up early this morning for the reason that I slept early at the previous night. I cooked my food (which makes another crushed out number for my bucket list) and I ironed my clothes, took bath early and ate my breakfast early. I even stayed at the bus stop since 6:10.

Whattup, I rode the bus maybe at 6:45? Well, it’s unfair but that’s life . :3 As I was on my way at school, I just cant deny the fact that I ws so happy not because my crush was there. But as the bus speeds up, I can almost see the real beauty of  the surroundings. The sky was soooo azure and the horizon was covered with thin fogs in which you can really feel the coldness though it’s almost 7 AM.

And after maybe 3 minutes or so, the sun just shined so brightly it made me smile. The fog is slowly disappearing, revealing a golden touch of the plants and the trees around me. Well, isn’t it amazing? 🙂 Im not a nature-lover here but I guess I admired the true beauty of nature for just a couple of minutes.





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