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Face off.

I wanna post a long blog entry but I got pissed the last time I attempted to blog about this.

I hate Jasmine. xD She spread rumors to the regualar sections on how self-proclaimed we are and how greedy we are for not giving them questions. wth. We also didn’t receive questions and they should not spread nor listen to those fucking rumors. :3

She called me and even shouted on the phone. She’s keeping the floor and she wont hear my side. She said that.. and that.. blah.blah..

The reason was that they got pissed on my FB status yet I posted that status in order to clarify things and not to backstab them. They misunderstood my purpose and was soooo angry about it.

Last Monday, the executive officers listened to our blabberings. And we both asked for an apology. Well that apology is for the candidates on the other party excluding Olasiman. Why would I say sorry? First, I know I am right. Second, I dont like her. She’s such a brainless jerk. Lastly, I dont want to say sorry because of Reason #2. 😀

Yesterday, we had our face off in which we would answer those questions in front of the whole studentry. The questions were not given so we answered it impromptu. Gaaad, I cant even imagine how I look. :3 Ugly meh :/

Btw, when everyone’s questions were drawn except for the presidential position, everybody was really paying attention. Even the teachers closely listened.

The question was,”What are your plans if you will be the President?”

*Vyahng, running president of our party, did a good job on answering those questions. She mentioned the Anti-Bullying act, the cleanliness of the campus and many more.

*Olasiman, on the other hand, did a surprising entrance that time. She greeted the students using the mother tongue with no sense of formality. wtf? she’s planning to be the President of the institution yet she can’t be serious and formal?! She even told the crowd that she’s not fluent in English speaking and she prefers talking with our mother tongue. I hate her to death. She’s so ugggggggggggggggggggh. She just stayed at the stage trying to impress the students with her face and not with how strategic she should be. :3 She even curled her hair in order to look pretty! >____<

Leadership is not about how beautiful you are. Your beauty never leads! So does your popularity. Now if she dont take this SSG election srsly, then I swear to the River Styx that she should go to hell and rot there. xD

God bless us for the SSG election. 🙂


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