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Student Leadership Training. <3

Ohlala~  I never enjoyed a leadership training before. The last time  I attended a seminar like this, all I did was sleep the whole day and was soooo bored. They don’t have those energetic and dynamic guest speakers, games and activities. But, my views really changed.

Our leadership training started yesterday, February 19, at maybe 10 AM?

So yeah. Our first speaker was our principal who talked about the characteristics of a good leader followed by Mrs. Sayson who talked about Christian Leadership.

It was three o’clock when the staff decided to have an outdoor activity which is by team. At first, I hated my team. I dont have any friends from our team and almost all of them came from the other party. :3 But, I love them as my co-members since all of us were so cooperative and behaved. We won the 1st place in the 3rd game ! m/

This morning, we had our morning praise through multimedia presentations then we proceeded for the third session which the guest speaker was Ma’am Girly Pedregosa who talked about Gender Sensitivity. 🙂 She talked about the differences of gender and sex, and gender equality. Ma’am Girly’s session was quite fun because we were group according to our height and woooooot HE is my groupmate<3 . ashishi.

The last part of the morning session was a session led by our Guidance Counselor, Mrs, Chique Cherry (IDK the spelling) . She talked about how to handle our problems and gave us some piece of advices.

–After Lunch–

We came to the session hall and Bartha Jones discussed about sustainable development — how to act as a good leader/ citizen on saving our Planet.

We sang songs and I chatted with my seatmates. We even had fun taking selfies 😀

Maybe it was 4 o’clock when we went outside and played the outdoor activities? 🙂 We played the team-building exercises. We were asked to  make a tower out of newspapers w/o putting adhesive tape. It was a challenge. I knew from the start that it was kinda difficult but all of us tried to make the tower. We built a tower it’s just that, when the wind blew, it fell and the staff called us to submit our tower so we had no choice but to pass the newspaper. Even though we didn’t win but we tried our best and that’s the spirit of team building.

The last part of the program was the newspaper-designing//fashion show. We need to choose 1 male model, dress him using the newspaper. We designed our model’s dress and come up with an idea of a bikini but he’s kinda shy so the top was sexy but the lower part was a mini-newspaper skirt.

Cb was the other group’s representative and he was so pretty wearing the newspaper dress designed by his co-members. The dressed was styled with big ribbons like the dress Vice Ganda wore on Sisterakas (movie) xD.

I salute CB for not being KJ and the he was really funny when he answered on the Q&A portion. wahaha >:D

Ehem, btw, I would like to tell this effin’ secret… I had a picture with CB ❤ (Dances) yehmehn m/ I know someone might read this but please make this confedential. Ok?

So, my friends told me to ask him for a picture and I did. Well, I can just walk away or disapprove their opinion but I dont want to spent a lifetime regretting on how stupid I am for not taking a single shot with my ex-crush. Srsly, I had a wishlist which says “Have a picture with crush” so I grabbed the opportunity so I could erased this wishlist. 😀 mehehe.

They teased me a lot.. but I just smiled. I am so confused. 😦 I really thought I move on but I dont think so. I think I dont like him anymore but why am I still interested to know things about him. tssssk, Ma’am Lumbay. help me ! Kidding. 😀

Ok. Goodluck to  our team for the Leadership Quest tomorrow. 😀


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