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Sorry for making you feel insecure because as what you’ve said..”IM PERFECT ALMOST ALL THE TIME.” HAHAHA. I haven’t done anything unusual that made me perfect so why are you thinking that thing? TBH, Im the one who’s insecure here because..

A. you’re so cute I wanna pinch your pinkish cheeks,

B. you’re so good in braiding and I,myself cant even handle braiding my own hair.

C. you’re so good in Math and you’re very fluent in English

D. you’re a multitasker but you always get high scores during tests

E. you have an awesome teeth.

F. you’re such a fangirl and you have many vids and I cant even imagine how you manage watching them

G. you can be a great historian (since you’re somewhat interested in World history), surgeon, book author,engineer and accountant

Rose? I just want to clarify things. You being a bitch childish 3rd year student almost all the time never annoyed me. I am really sorry for sometimes I never had time talking to you when we were heading our way home it’s just that 1. Im tired 2. Im afraid I might commit mistakes when we fangirl 3. and I think you are not interested in our topics XDD. I am really happy you’re in my life, I mean you’re such a blessing in disguise. I mean, we were really shy @ first. Remember the first time we rode the bus?  You were hesitant to ride it for some reasons yet I convincedyou and since that day, we always go home together. 🙂 ❤

Ps. You really suck @ gift-wrapping but I was really happy when you gave me that rolled newspaper in the bus and I dont even know what to say.

PPS. I wont talk to you about this at school but please lemme blog about this ’cause I really am so happy 🙂

PPPS. I love you even though you’re so childish. :* Thanks for the tee ❤



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