First Phone Call from Heaven – Mitch Albom Book Review

I sometimes wonder if heaven is really true. If it’s a place where gates are gold and is surrounded by plain brightness.. but come to think of it, if we really believe in God we don’t need to ask for proofs.

We don’t need to witness a miracle, to receive a call from our deceased loved ones just to say that GOD is true and HEAVEN exists. If we really are faithful to Him, then we don’t need to search for answers, all we need to do is pray and God will do the rest.

First Phone Call from Heaven tells a story of 6 different people ( well, I guess they’re 7 of them). Tess, just an ordinary daughter who just lost her mother; Jack, a policeman who lost his son 2 years back because of a battle; Katherine, who loved her sister, Dianne, very much; Amy, a TV reporter who would do anything for her career; Elias Rowe, who felt guilty after firing Nick, who passed away after few days (don’t remember the actual date);Sully Harding,who just got out of prison after a terrible plane crash because he was drunk when he drove the service and he lost his wife, Gissele; Pastor Warren, the parish priest of their place. Six different people, their lives changed when they received the first mysterious phone call from heaven. Katherine talked to her sister Dianne, Jack talked to his son Robbie, Tess to her mother. Amy got a big break to her career- cover a news story about the call.

Many things happened. The chosen ones received calls from heaven every Fridays. The “miracle” spread worldwide and the next thing they knew, people are talking about it. There are worshippers and non-believers. Sully doesn’t believe in miracle—that the dead are calling to their loved ones, telling them how beautiful heaven is. That heaven is bright, and no one grows old, no one worries and everything is LOVE. Sully, together with Elias Rowe (who received a  call from Nick) investigated the case. Their suspect about the phone call hoax was Jupes ( I think that was the last name). They were wrong.REALLY WRONG.

On the other hand, Katherine Yellin, decided to speak  to the media and she decided to broadcast  Dianne’s call worldwide. Coldwater, Michigan’s been the talk of the globe! At that moment, the chosen ones received their calls – proving to everybody that the dead ones can communicate from  heaven Little did they did know that someone out there was manipulating all those calls – Horace Belfin. He worked at the funeral, he’d been investigating the backgrounds of Tess’ mother, Gissele, Robbie, and the loved ones of the chosen ones.

They really thought that those calls were true but it was only manipulated by someone. It’s just a machine in which you’ll type something and then a voice would speak just the same as the voice of any dead people. Horace Belfin was the father of the man who died during Sully’s plane crash.

Sully was about to tell everyone that those calls were a hoax and he even saw how Horace made those but there’s this force which forced him to zip his mouth. He encountered an accident on his way home and then he saw a patch of light and he talked with his wife. Let’s just say 7:21 (time his wife called) and he really thought it was still a fake call made by Horace but when he talked to Jack (the policeman) he then asked what time the dead man (Horace) called to the police station. Horace managed to call the police station telling them that there’s a dead man in his place. (he’s actually referring to himself and I guess that time he’s still able to speak but certainly dies after a few minutes) So yeah, when the policed went to Horace’ place it’s maybe 7:15 or so. And now I’ll ask you this, how can the call be fake when the one who’s manipulating the hoax died at 7:15 when Sully spoke to his wife at 7:21? 😀 The answer? Well, God moves in mysterious ways. J ❤

Let’s just believe.

–I seriously wanna buy a ticket and meet Mitch Albom because I heard his in Philippines right now but my place is very far from Manila so, WTH. L

Mitch Albom, you’re such a great inspiring writer. Keep it up.

XX, Dexiel


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