SSG Leadership Quest.

               We won the 1st place with the perfect score in Easy, Average and Difficult round. Just a matter of 6 point actually between my team and Ace’s team (Denfaul, Robert and Vince). It’s really funny because we’re supposed to join the Leadership Proficiency and their team also but our team switched with Ryn’s team so we joined the SSG proficiency against Ace’s team who were suppose to join the Leadership Proficiency but I think they backed out and joined this category.

               SSG Proficiency is difficult that’s why only 8 participants dared to join. You need to memorize or familiarize the Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Supreme Student Government (DepEd Order No. 79, Series of 2009) J

               I forgot what totally happened but both teams didn’t take it seriously because instead of studying during recess time we preferred eating our snacks and not studying at all. HAHAHAH.

               During the contest, I really thought it would be formal but instead we even laugh, take some pictures and etc. 😀

               We won guys, we won! HAHAHA. Wooooot. I only got 25/50 during the general quiz. Wtf. HAHAHA 


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