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Descriptions for a Student

Student – he’s helpful, well-behaved, obedient, courteous, and responsible. Well, these are the common descriptions we made when we are asked by our English teacher to describe a student. But for me, those words above are all a sham.

Our adviser instructed us to make an essay describing a student. He never told us to describe a good student, all he said was to define a student. I have no basis on how to describe a student. I might choose my classmate and observe him for a day then write about how he acts in school. But, I decided to describe myself because I know myself better than anyone.

So here’s the beginning of a long lists of a student’s characteristics or behavior in which I was the basis of this essay.

A student is a great procrastinator and loves cramming. When she thinks she can do that thing easily, she chose to surf the internet and open her facebook. She prefers to watch movies than to make her assignments because she believes in the procrastinators’ motto, “Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow?”

But aside from that, I still believe that a student knows how to take responsibility and how to be responsible. She knows when to procrastinate and when to be serious especially when she has many things to accomplish before the end of the night. She knows how to stay awake for the rest of the night just to finish every requirement per subject. She knows how to set aside her favorite teleserye just to study Math, Chemistry and Physics.

A student knows how to study, it’s just that she might have a poor memory storage or she might be experiencing problems at home. She might be suffering under a huge family problem and she can’t handle studying and the family issue at the same time.

A student is not well-behaved. Maybe she is well-behaved for a short period of time but I guess she mean it when they don’t behave well. Maybe she seeks for attention because no one ever pays attention to her at home. Maybe she’s talking in the middle of the class because she’s lonely inside, and needs someone to talk to.

A student does her task at the classroom. Or maybe she sometimes forgets to do it because she’s in a hurry? She’s the one who calls her group mates and asks for help in cleaning the room. She’s the one who volunteers to apply the floor wax when nobody else wants to. She’s the one who initiates the cleaning because if she won’t lead what would happen to the classroom?

A student needs an adviser. Not just a physical adviser who discusses her lessons but a teacher who appreciates her for what she and the rest of the class had done. Maybe it’s just a small thing for teachers but for her and her classmates it would be like a golden medal awarded to them. She doesn’t need an amount of money nor a snack but a bit of appreciation for the work she eagerly did, was enough. She needs an adviser who’s willing to consider them when they’re busy at other subjects and who recognizes not only their failures but also their achievements.

A student is hard-headed. You reprimand her once and she will learn. She made a mistake again, you reprimand her and she understands. But if she accidentally made that mistake again, I guess reprimanding her over and over again, won’t help. A good communication and understanding starts in talking. A student seeks for compliments not negative things. When a teacher thinks that there’s a problem with his class, he must talk with them in a way that everybody understands and not in a way in which everyone would hate him.

Lastly, a student is not perfect. Yes, she belongs in the top section but that doesn’t mean that she cannot fail things. She can mess with her work, fail some quizzes, sleep in a middle of a class, talk when she’s bored, copy during quizzes – well, that’s common to teenagers now a days. But when we look into the brighter side, students have good moral values. It’s just that it depends on how you deal with them.

Note: This is our requirement for Mathematics. Im really mad at out adviser right now why I wrote those things. mehehe Let it be. 😀


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