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SSG Election.

So, Im supposed to blog about this last week but I procrastinated to the highest level so Im blogging about this thing now.

February 27, 2014, we had our annual Supreme Student Election in which I ran for the Auditor’s position.

MAybe it was already 9 AM when we started the room to room campaign because we took our Math quiz for our teacher was being inconsiderate. >____<

It was really difficult. Every room, we need to introduce our self and explain to the students why we ran, what we aim if we will be elected and etc etc. We started campaigning at the 2nd year building and then to the first year building in which we had so much fun introducing ourselves to them.

Then after recess, we continued campaigning to the 2nd year students then to the 4th year students. We really are in a hurry that time so instead of introducing one by one, we decided to just tell our names and then say the motto and tell our names again and proceed to the other rooms. Since we still have a free time of maybe 30 minutes, our team decided to campaign in the third year rooms. We never planned to go there because we thought that the year students would support the other party since they are from the regular class.

1 PM, the election started. I didn’t understand myself that time because I was not nervous nor excited. I feel nothing.

I got a perfect vote of 35/35 in our class which really made me happy because my classmates did supported me and trusted me. 🙂

When I passed by room Australia, first section in fourth year, I ws really really glad because I also got 25/25. Have you felt that thing when you never expected things to happen then it happened and you just cant help but thank God and smile? 🙂

We then proceeded to the Science lab for the live coverage of the tally-ing of the election returns. At first, I got a higher vote than Jieza and then we tied and….. she was on the lead. Cris Gel told me not to lose hope since the tallying was not over but I dont care, I already accepted defeat since I joined the election.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Well, I didn’t assume that I will win the election besides if Jieza will be the auditor I would also be iglad since she’s responsible. I never cried on the way home nor I feel mad to Jieza because Im so happy to the fact that 903 students supported me, trusted me and believed in me. So, why should  I be sad? It was a great honor and privilege to have those massive votes. 🙂

PS. I was designated as the SSG’s SPC (Special Programs Committee) Chairman. 🙂 This was a blessing. Thanks God


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