The Believer.

I sat on the last row of the bus yesterday around 9 PM. There were many passengers talking about various topics and I was just listening to them since I dont have someone to talk to.

Lovelife. Problems. Family. Happy Moments. Jokes.

They’re common topic right? But imagine a bus fully-loaded with people, with people like bees buzzing, I heard someone who talked about God.

Yes, you read it rigt. She talked about God which caught my attention. I looked at her place and I was really astounded when I noticed that she is still a teenager. 

It’s not ordinary to listen to another teenage girl talk about God. Nowadays, teenagers are stuck with their gadgets and friends , I dont even bother asking if they knew God. Sorry, if I misjudge them. But listening to her “words of wisdom” I was really dumbfounded. She talk about how God sacrificed himself for us and how God became the king of kings. 🙂

I know some people who drew their attention to her thought she’s crazy but I think she’s being real and being faithful.  

When her seatmate got off the bus,  she bid goodbye and gave the stranger a smal reminder like,”just pray and he will listen.” with a smile she then said Good bless, take care! Like nothing happened,she fixed her hair, turned around and smiled at me.

Woah. Im so impressed by her. 🙂

To the girl believer at the bus, I knew you cant read this but there’s a slight possibility I might see you again and when it cimes I wont hesitate to approach you and be your friend. Let’s talk about Him sometime. 🙂 You really inspired me. ❤


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